I Needed to Change How I Was Doing Things

I believe that having a good quality of life should be affordable for everyone and not so hard to obtain But when it comes to going to a hospital or traditional doctor, that’s not always the case. I have been to see my doctor on numerous occasions for help after I had a car accident and ended up in the hospital. I was not completely healed by the time I was discharged.. What helped me in the end was visiting a chiropractor in San Diego CA who helped me in ways that did not happen for me previously.

I have never been in a car accident prior to the bad accident that landed me in the hospital. » Read more: I Needed to Change How I Was Doing Things

Orthotics Probably Saved My Son’s Posture

What are orthotics? A chiropractor in Phoenix explained to me that it’s a medical procedure where braces are used to make sure an injured part of the body heals properly after a severe injury. It can also help fix someone’s posture by using insoles in shoes to repair an abnormal walk. In our case, orthotics helped our son regain his posture after he suffered a serious injury in a car accident. He was out with his friends and they were goofing around and a truck hit their car head on. He’s lucky to be alive. His friend who was driving spent a week in a coma at the hospital.

After our son got out of the hospital, we noticed he was having trouble standing up straight. » Read more: Orthotics Probably Saved My Son’s Posture

I Needed to Make the Right Choice About What to Do for My Back

The Cumming chiropractor that I went to told me prior to my first treatment that I may or may not see a positive change right away. But he also told me that if I gave him the trust that he needed to keep me coming back for at least a few more appointments that I would see myself getting better. He knew that I had tried other avenues first and they did not work. I was willing to keep coming to him because I had no other choice. But I have now learned that seeing him has been the very best choice for my back and neck health.

Most people seem to have back trouble because they push themselves too hard in one way or another. But I am not someone who pushes too hard. » Read more: I Needed to Make the Right Choice About What to Do for My Back

Wellness Can Come About in More Than One Form

Never having had headaches before, I was highly alarmed when I suddenly began having them every day. Nothing I could find over the counter was working. When my doctor sent me for a CT scan and stated that I don’t have any sort of tumor causing the problem, I was concerned about what else I could do. He stated that he could do nothing more other than prescribe a stronger pain medication for me. That didn’t work out so well, but going to a chiropractor in Philadelphia did help me more than any prescription did.

I really do not like to take over the counter meds or even prescriptions because I am so sensitive to so many things. Taking something might help to relieve whatever symptoms I have, but then I soon find out that I have other side effects as a result of whatever I took. Solving one thing, only to replace it with yet another symptom is not a total answer. So, I try not to take anything if I can help it. » Read more: Wellness Can Come About in More Than One Form