I Needed to Change How I Was Doing Things

I believe that having a good quality of life should be affordable for everyone and not so hard to obtain But when it comes to going to a hospital or traditional doctor, that’s not always the case. I have been to see my doctor on numerous occasions for help after I had a car accident and ended up in the hospital. I was not completely healed by the time I was discharged.. What helped me in the end was visiting a chiropractor in San Diego CA who helped me in ways that did not happen for me previously.

I have never been in a car accident prior to the bad accident that landed me in the hospital. I had to have three different surgeries and quite a bit of the recuperation time before I was left out of the hospital. I had to spend even more time recuperating at home, but even six months after the accident, I still wasn’t feeling like my old self. I kept going back to my doctor for help, but it got to the point where that was no longer doing me any good. I kept paying money to go back, and he kept telling me that I was going to have to wait it out and hope that my back would heal on its own.

Finally, a friend told me that I should stop going to see my doctor because he wasn’t helping me anymore. Instead, she told me that I needed to see a chiropractor. She felt that I would see some actual changes for the better if I did that. It sounded like good advice to me. I am proud to say that, after only 2 visits to see the new chiropractor, cost me even less than one visit to go see my physician. The chiropractic help has done so much more for me, too! I finally feel hope because the pain is now subsiding. Having hope has done so much for me mentally and physically.